DAR Leadership Training



The DAR Leadership Training Committee provides support to state, district, and chapter leaders in providing accessible leadership learning opportunities to all Virginia Daughters. Our goal is to enlighten all Virginia Daughters, so they are engaged in their chapter and communities, and empowered to Shine the Light of DAR.

The Committee offers a wide variety of training resources including webinars, videos, presentations, and handouts that can be found on both the National and Virginia DAR websites. The Committee is responsible for the workshops conducted at all State meetings including Summer Summit, Fall Forum, and State Conference.

As new presentations, webinars, and handouts are developed they will be added to the website at DAR Leadership Training Resources here.

The Committee coordinates the Members Course and New Horizons Course for Virginia Daughters. Interested in learning more about one of these courses or in enrolling? Contact the Virginia course coordinators:

Members Course Rebecca Morgan Rogers

New Horizons Course Sandi Bergman

Does your district or chapter have a unique training issue, or want a workshop or program for a meeting? The members of the Virginia DAR Leadership Training Committee are available to assist you.

Contact state chair Karen Pogoloff for more information.